Santa Fe’s Luke Skywalker

& Barack Obama pinned the Congressional Medal of Honor on a soldier from Santa Fe named Leroy Petry last week, and his hometown newspaper, the New Mexican, went all out to make sure the moment won’t be forgotten. You should spend some time browsing through the New Mexican’s excellent tribute to Petry.

The medal, the 3,455th to be awarded in this nation’s history for bravery in battle, the 44th to a soldier of Hispanic descent, and the first to a New Mexican since the Korean War, was awarded to Sgt. 1st Class Petry, an Army Ranger who, according to Jon Stewart, is really Luke Skywalker (see vidclip below).

On his fifth tour of Afghanistan, in 2008, Petry led a team of Rangers into a firefight, was shot through both legs, and then picked up a live grenade and threw it as it exploded, saving his buddies from harm, but losing his hand in the process. He deserves the Medal of Honor. He also deserves our admiration and our thanks.

&  Speechless, I’m outta here.