High-fashion, but ineffective, flim-flammery

& Good grief, Charlie Brown, the princes promising millions in deals from deepest darkest Africa have now turned into personal aides to famous fashion designers, including one who deposited $11.5 million in a “security company abroad” before he hanged himself in a closet and got his own entry on Wikipedia.  Funny thing about this one:  the writer doesn’t tell me what I’ve got to do next in order to pick up that deposit; he tells me only that “this approach may appears to be difficult to you…”

It is that.

Those African dudes who send emails to promise me riches at least tell me what I’ve got to do next.  — usually to send a small amount in order to get my hands of piles of lucre. I can only deduce that all I’ve got to do to get my hands on the $11.5 million, or a sizeable portion of it, all I’ve got to do is “confirm” my “willingness to pick up the deposit.” I suppose I might have to make a small deposit of my own to help, you know, cover some expenses or somesuch, but what the hey…

Trouble is, Paul — who doesn’t seem to even know my name — doesn’t tell me what I’ve got to do to confirm my willingness. What kind of a deal is this, anyway? I’m wondering if there might be better ways to pick up a quick $11 mil. 

Although this approach may appears to be difficult to you, but I pray to our creator God in heaven for you to give it attention it deserved. My name is Paul Williams personal aid to Alexander McQueen -Designer Fashion Label who died on the 11th day of Feb. 2010. I have documents of a large deposit of funds which he confided in me before he died he deposited US$11.5M with Security Company abroad.
Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE (17 March 1969 ? 11 February 2010) was an English fashion designer known for his unconventional designs and shock tactics.[3] McQueen worked as the head designer at Givenchy for five years before founding the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels. McQueen’s dramatic designs, worn by celebrities including Rihanna, Bjrk and Lady Gaga, met with critical acclaim and earned him the British Designer of the Year award four times.
Late Alexander McQueen died on the 11th day of February, 2010 at the age of 40 years, according to our original plan when this deposit was made the money was supposed to be used in transporting and getting the new store that was about to be opened in Los Angeles stocked with his recent designers. You can read more about him and his death on the below website for your self-confidence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_McQueen
This venture will be skilled within few days upon confirming your willingness to make withdrawal of the deposit.
Best regards,
Paul Williams

If this guy actually manages to get any loot from this lame come-on, it can truly be said that nobody ever went broke underestimating the gullibility of the human race.

& Trying to determine what happens when a venture is “skilled,” I’m outta here.

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