The not-so-hidden corporatist/cultist cabal; not even recognized by the Religious Right

& Finally. someone has summed up, marvelously, the state of American politics. Somebody has finally brought together — in clear, concise and convincing terms — the elements that have combined to put this grand experiment in democracy at the edge of extinction.

I speak of this commentary — The Unseen Influence of the Religious Right — recently published in Psychology Today and written by Dave Niose, who is president of the American Humanist Association.

It stitches together the symbiotic partnership of the soulless unpeople of our society — corporatists — with the blinkered bunch who rely upon unknowns to discover certainties — those I call the cultists and others refer to as the Religious Right.

If you are a person who luckily finds yourself outside of the thrall of mysteries that bind the diverse members of the Religious Right into a faction populated by one out of every four Americans, and also lucky enough to have evaded the strings of elitist, corporatist puppeteers who manipulate our lives, you should read  Mr. Niose’s commentary.

You should make it the basis for your defense of a governmental system that was designed to be, should be, but no longer is unfettered by a bewildering variety of beliefs in the supernatural, and something better than the handmaiden to those for whom greed is the ultimate purpose of life.

And, if you are a member of the Religious Right who has even the tiniest openness of mind, you might also be interested to know that as you and others of your persuasion toil in the trenches on behalf of Christianity the corporate world is playing you for all it’s worth, and all the cash it can collect.

It uses your support — yes, your support, Religious Right — to keep your government broke, to threaten your savings, to deny you basic rights, to keep your kids from a good education.

You, the cultists, are in a cash-cow cabal with the corporatists. And you don’t even know it. Take a detour from the narrow-minded road and read the argument of Dave Niose. Consider its logic. Maybe some of you will get the drift of his argument. If not, you’ll wake up some day when the government, unable to get its revenues from the corporatists who control it, starts collecting taxes from your churches.

& Proudly wearing my American Humanist Association button, I’m outta here.

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