Buck: A gentler of horses and humans

& Well, pards, if you’re up for some Will Rogers-style philosophy delivered in a deep nasal twang from an aw shucks cowboy in a flat-brimmed hat, you ought to mount up and ride on down the Old Pecos Trail in Santa Fe and sit a spell in the movie house where they’re showing the documentary on the life and times and hard lessons learned by one Dan M. ‘Buck’ Brannaman, a whisperer, of sorts, to humans who are trying to learn how to get along with their horses, which, he’ll tell you, are a mirror to your soul, even though sometimes you won’t like what you see.

Even if a raspy throat is the only horse you’ll ever get, you’ll find that “Buck” is a well-produced documentary filled with lessons learned from horses and humans — most of them gentle souls, and a couple who weren’t. Somewhere in its 88 minutes, you’ll learn something of value — maybe something that, in Buck’s words, “will make you better in areas you didn’t think related to horses.”

& Feeling gentled, I’m outta here.


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