The PERFECT name for a giraffe. Riiiiiight!

& Now here’s an item…

The Albuquerque Zoo asked a question of its Facebook friends: What should we name our newborn giraffe?

“Gisele,” which seems a reasonable name, was the second choice of more than 1,000 Facebookies who entered suggestions. I don’t know what came in third. “Gerry,” maybe? “Gandolph”? “Big Tall”? All also reasonable.

First place? “Abiquiu.” Or, for the syllably-challenged, “Abi.”

The AP further enlightens us: “Zookeeper Bricker Thietten says Abiquiu was a favorite among zoo workers because if the female giraffe ever moves to a different zoo, she’ll always have a New Mexico name.”

Wow, think of that! We’ll have a new ambassador to the world, sort of like Smokey the Bear. Abiquiu the Giraffe!

I live not far from Abiquiu, in Baja Abiquiu. Close enough to have a sense of its aura, it’s personality, the mood it evokes and the history it holds.

When I think of all the things I’ve heard, or read, or thought about Abiquiu, even when I’ve thought long and hard, I can’t summon the image of a giraffe. Just can’t. A cow, maybe, even a dead cow? Georgia O’Keeffe — our sole personage of importance — drew a cow skull, after all. A horse? A gopher? An eagle? A tarantula? Yep. Any of those. But a giraffe? Not a giraffe.

Anyway, after 10,000 years of humans living around here, we’ve got a new logo, and a new ambassador to the world. Maybe, if Abi ever moves to Ethiopia, Addis Abbabians will think of Abiquiu as a place with a long neck and spots. Get used to it.

Did Georgia ever scratch out a picture of a giraffe skull?

& Matter of fact, “Georgia Giraffe” sounds like a perfect name. I’m outta here.

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