Tweets, redux

For all you non-twittereers — all of you who actually have a LIFE — here’s a smattering of Yr’s Truly’s recent entries into the morass of mini-bite multi-babble:

25 Apr (In midst of platitude-filled tv coverage of the dedication of the Bush Library): Pomp & circumstance in Dallas. #BushCenter. Harrumph! Sequester Shrub! Nice-looking building. When will they whitewash it? And where’s Rove?

6 Apr: Omg. Tim (the mouth) McCarver to retire! What will we do w/out a know-it-all?

5 Apr (on eve of release of Obama’s embarrassing budget, in which the Social Security takes another hit to appease the one percent): POTUS can’t milk bucks outta filthy rich, so he gives in, goes after the poor. Shameful. . How now, Obamapologists?

4 Apr: @jimmyfallon in, @jayleno out. Geez. For 1st time since Carson, mebbe I’ll get a late night laugh out of NBC.

3 Apr: FYI: Thomas Ortiz-Torres, 39, Santa Fe, was arrested last night for DUI. For the 11th time. That’s correct: Eleventh.

3 Apr: Are cablnus talkers really going to spend next 2-3 years on Hil’s upcoming POTUS bid? Gawd. And u thot the royal wedding cvg was overkill?

27 Mar: The 2nd Round of the same-sex-marriage matter in the Supreme Court: In plain English:  via @scotusblog

29 Jan: Hillary or Biden in 2016? Tempting, but are there NO Dems born after the Civil War? We’ll go broke building wheelchair ramps in White House.

7 Jan (at the point in the game when score was Alabama 35, Notre Dame 0): Remind me again, please. How did Notre Dame get into this #BCS championship game?

Off to snip & clip some more sentences @theoldgringo, I’m outta here.

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