A Republican Describes Republicans. They Won’t Like It.

& There’s a blog item going around these days that’s getting a lot of attention from Democrats because it says that despite last month’s embarrassment at the national polls,  all may not be lost. You read that right: Not lost. Matter of fact, it says the future is very bright for Dems, and very, very, very dark for Republicans. For them, says Chris Ladd, the election was a “prelude to disaster.”

It’s of particular interest because it is written by a … well, by a … Republican. A Texas Republican at that. A rational Texas Republican, if you can believe such organisms exist.

You can read all the whys and wherefores of Ladd’s rationale here — http://blog.chron.com/goplifer/2014/11/the-missing-story-of-the-2014-election/#28114101=0. Summed up, Ladd – a conservative columnist from down Houston way – says that Republicans don’t have a fart’s chance in a hurricane of holding on to their majority in the U.S. Senate two years from now, and their chances of winning the Presidency, in 2016 and far beyond, are only slightly better, maybe having the odds of a little stinker’s chance in a stiff breeze.

It all has to do with deepening Democratic power in the most populous states and the accelerating chokehold on the GOP by the wingnut fringe, which increasingly insists on candidates who cannot appeal to more moderate voters in swing states that determine winners and losers.  If you buy his story, it adds up to long-term disaster for the Grand Old Party.

I’m not here to reprise Mr. Ladd’s arguments. You’ll find them interesting. But, as you read his blog item, pay attention to the wording and what’s between the lines. He seems to have abandoned Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, once in vogue, which said “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

Watch carefully as you scroll downward through his arguments, and you will find admissions  and accusations that:

1. The Republican mantra that voting laws they have championed in the name of ‘voter integrity’ are, in fact, a “sham” attempt to suppress voters with “ridiculous and confusing” requirements. Hmmmm.

2. Despite Republican protestations of environmental concern, there are, indeed, “climate deniers” among Republicans in Congress. “One of the…most stubborn” of that breed, Lee (Cash-and-Carry) Terry, last month became only the second Nebraskan of his party to have been beaten by a Democrat in the last fifty years. Note the “one of the.” That says that yes, there are other stubborn Republican climate-deniers in Congress. Hmmmm.

3. Texas, which Mr. Ladd calls the “Republic of Baptistan,” is “militantly out of step with every national trend,” and “at the core of GOP dysfunction.” Forget his description of the people and the pious proclivities of the Lone Star State, this is an out-and-out confirmation that Republicanism in America is, indeed, not a functioning philosophy of governance. Hmmmm.

4. Control of Congress by Republicans – half of them hailing from the good-old-boy Johnny Reb Confederacy — promises to be “two years of intense, horrifying stupidity.” Not only that, but all those pompous patriots from Mr. Ladd’s party who have been claiming that “Benghazi was a legitimate scandal that reveals Obama’s real plans for America” are, well, idiots. Read closely. That’s what he says. Hmmmm.

The final set of admissions and accusations comes from these two paragraphs from Chris Ladd:

“We [Republicans] need heads-up, intelligent adaptations” to meet current challenges. “What are we getting…? Climate denial, theocracy, thinly veiled racism, paranoia, and Benghazi hearings. Lots and lots of hearings on Benghazi.”

Those “issues,” are “stupid…blindingly disconnected.” So what does the GOP need? His answer:  “[S]ome gathering of sane, rational, authentically concerned human beings generally at peace with reality.”

5. Republicans are being led by unintelligent, unseeing, insane, irrational, unsympathetic, non-humans living in a fantasy. Yep, that’s what this Republican fella says. Hmmmm.

Somebody in the Democratic Party is probably planning to invite Chris Ladd over to their side. But that idea won’t last long. The guy’s blog title is GOPlifer. He is an out-and-out anti-Democrat.

With enemies like that, who needs friends?

& Wondering if The Gipper is gyrating in his grave, I’m outta here.


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