Bad boys. These meddling, letter-writing Republican senators are really, really, really, REALLY bad boys.

& America’s newspaper editors have been sent scrambling into their various thesauruses (thesauri?) for words to say that 47 Republican senators are bad boys – really, really bad, bad boys — for mucking around in the negotiations to slow down Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions. The senators’ open letter this week now has given members of the GOP some evidence for their eternal claim that America’s press is unanimously against them. On this issue, it seems, the press is unanimous. Here’s a smattering of editorial reaction (thanks to and for pointing these out – there will be plenty of other examples to be found elsewhere):

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “[Obama and Kerry], who are charged with making the nation’s foreign policy, [were] hit from behind by one house of the federal legislature. The senators who signed the letter should be ashamed.”

The Sacramento Bee: “The Republican senators who signed the letter – including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and potential presidential candidates Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Marco Rubio of Florida – who could use a remedial civics class.”

Baltimore Sun: ““The poison pen note was a shocking example of just how far President Barack Obama’s GOP critics in Congress are willing to go in an effort to undercut his foreign policy goals…The GOP senators might just as well have put up a big sign over their chamber warning the mullahs in Tehran to prepare for war…”

The Boston Globe: “breathtaking… reckless intrusion into international diplomacy….The letter … undercuts the president’s traditional authority [and]… badly undermines America’s credibility in the international community.”

The Denver Post: “Grandstanding.”

The Kansas City Star: “… pure hatred of Obama, it also seemed extra personal…another politically motivated attempt to stop him from doing anything that might be perceived as a victory for his administration.”

Concord (NH) Monitor: “…[GOP senators] are playing a political game dangerously out of bounds.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune “It will be up to history to judge whether the latest partisan stunt … amounts to an act of End Times warmongering or merely another bit of cringe-worthy buffoonery on the global stage… foolish, dangerous and arguably felonious… the Senate Republicans make common cause with the hard-liners in Iran to push the region, and the world, that much closer to nuclear war.”

Lompoc (CA) Record: “difficult to imagine … what goes on in the three branches of federal government. We’ve tried for years, and we still don’t get it. For example, what is there about providing health insurance for millions of Americans … that has gotten so thoroughly under the skin of congressional Republicans?”

Los Angeles Times: “…negotiating with foreign nations is the president’s job. The Republican senators’ meddling in that responsibility is outrageous.”

New Jersey Star-Ledger: “…supercilious…amateurish missive …from the circular firing squad known as the GOP.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Hate mail: Senators seek to sabotage Obama’s foreign policy. [Those] who signed the letter should be ashamed.”

Miami Herald: “… a mischievous attempt to throw a monkey wrench into a years-long, multinational effort…”

San Francisco Chronicle: “…reckless … Washington’s unrelenting partisanship is hitting an all-time low.”

Somewhere, perhaps deep in the heart of Texis, there lurks an editorial praising that letter or saying it had at least some merit. If you find one, please send it to your favorite Republican Senator-signer, like any of those presidential wanna-bes or the last senator the GOP recommended for the White House, John McCain. Whomever that put-upon, pilloried senator might be, he needs some love. Whether he deserves it is another question.

& Wondering if any soul (maybe the Arizona senator’s family dog?) thought this was a good idea, I’m outta here.


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