Bernie doesn’t care about those damn emails. He’s the only one.

& Today I’m wondering when the FBI is going to get off its ass.

When is it going to decide whether Hillary was a bad girl or a good girl?

How many eons does an investigation take? The world wants to know.

Is she going to be indicted? Is she not going to be indicted? Unlike Bernie Sanders, bunches of people care, and wonder, about those damn emails.

Hey Feebs: If Hill’s off the hook, let us know, please. Then Trump can get to work concocting a different set of lies, and the Republicans can start accusing the Obama administration of coverup.

If there may be an indictment in her future, then let us know soon. Then the Democratic wise-man contingent – a.k.a. suckup superdelegates — can have an excuse to do what they should have done a month ago: switch their allegiance to somebody who isn’t disliked by 2/3 of the electorate, namely Bernie Sanders. Someone who, unlike Hillary, would undoubtedly win against Trump and save America from itself.

If there is no word from the FBI on results from this Inquiry of the Eternity until after Hillary has been nominated, and if the decision is not to seek an indictment, then the Donald will have to get busy making up lies about an Obama administration coverup. If there is a naughty-Hillary accusation between the convention and the election – too late for Dems to come to their Sanders-senses — Trump’s interior decorators might as well schedule a White House walk-through. And America will have to prepare to kiss its ass goodbye.

& I f Hillary is indicted after she’s been elected? Wondering who’s dumb enough to envision that, I’m outta here.


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