Eighty plus one: The good news 

& Well, yesterday I was 80. 

Today I’m 80 plus one, filled with the memory of fine food and drink and felicitations from a flurry of fine friends who dropped by to celebrate the occasion and sent word via ancient means of communication – the mail, the telephone and even a few smoke signals. 

The nice thing about the modern means of communication is so many people can send greetings and congratulations and well wishes. The not-so-nice thing is that no one has yet devised a way to adequately express the gratitude that is felt by the recipient. Which is to say I wish I could thank all of you – face, to face, in person – with a smile, a backslap or a hug. Unfortunate, but that app hasn’t yet been released on Google Play or Microsoft Store. Maybe they’re working on it. 

All I can do, given the current technology, is to use a few words: Thanks, everybody, for… 

…the party (the setting, Sid and Zizi, was perfect, and it didn’t rain); the gifts (I think I’ve now got enough brandy to hold me over until I’m 90); the texts, the emails, the phone calls (On a cellphone connection from Pennsylvania that mysteriously didn’t cut out, Sharon sang “Happy Birthday”, which was nice, and, from Annapolis, Garry called and didn’t sing, which was also nice); the cards and letters and the Facebook postings. 

Makes an old guy feel good. 

One more thing: Good news came to me from the individual who first discovered the fact that “60 is the new 40.” That discovery led to “70 is the new 50.” Now, I have learned, that there has been a new discovery: 

80 is the new 79. 

& With sincere gratitude to all, and feeling younger by the year (if not the decade), I’m outta here. 

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